Terrain Usage Dataset (TUD)

1. Introduction

The Terrain Usage Dataset (TUD) enables the understanding of the terrain usage of backcountry skiers. The dataset contains raster data about travel frequency and raster data about terrain properties. The dataset can be used to train a model able to infer travel frequency from terrain properties.

Tecnical documentation of the Terrain Usage Dataset (TUD) as PDF

2. License restrictions

Ownership of TUD

  1. Skitourenguru is the data owner of TUD.
  2. TUD relies partly on other data, that may have other data owners (Details see tecnical documentation).

Usage Conditions

  1. Usage of TUD is only allowed with the consent of Skitourenguru and in cooperation with Skitourenguru.
  2. TUD may only be passed on with the explicit consent of Skitourenguru.
  3. The publication of knowledge derived from TUD is only allowed in cooperation with Skitourenguru.

3. Proposals

Do you want to derive knowledge from the TUD? Send a proposal to Skitouranguru (E-Mail under About). Take into account, that your proposal must contribute to the avalanche accident prevention of the backcountry skier comunity.