Backcountry Difficulty Property Dataset (BDPD)

1. Introduction

The Backcountry Difficulty Property Dataset (BDPD) is a training dataset, that powers modeling difficulty degrees of backcountry ski routes. The difficulty scale of the Swiss Alpine Club is based on four major criteria: Slope angle, exposure to fall down, terrain form and space conditions. The dataset contains the response variable (difficulty degree) and a list of covariates for approximately 1700 backcountry ski tours of Switzerland.

Tecnical documentation of the Avalanche Risk Property Dataset (BDPD) as PDF

2. License restrictions

Ownership of ARPD

  1. Skitourenguru is the data owner of BDPD.
  2. BDPD relies partly on other data, that may have other data owners (Details see tecnical documentation).

Usage Conditions

  1. Usage of BDPD is only allowed with the consent of Skitourenguru and in cooperation with Skitourenguru.
  2. BDPD may only be passed on with the explicit consent of Skitourenguru.
  3. The publication of knowledge derived from BDPD is only allowed in cooperation with Skitourenguru.

3. Proposals

Do you want to derive knowledge from the BDPD? Send a proposal to Skitouranguru (E-Mail under About). Take into account, that your proposal must contribute to the avalanche accident prevention of the backcountry skier comunity.