Route Click Statistics Dataset (RCSD)

1. Introduction

Since 2015 Skitourenguru records information each time a user clicks on a route of Skitourenguru. The follwing attributes are recorded:

  • An identifier that specifies which route was clicked. This identifier points to many other route attributes (like difficulty, elevation gain, length, ascent time). As geometries of the routes are known its possible to calculate other attributes.
  • A timestamp about the click time. The timestamp can be used to link to the avalanche forecast or other time depending data (like meteo data).
  • The avalanche risk indicator of the route.
  • A Globally unique identifier (GUID) about the user. Depending on the browser settings of the user a specific user may have many GUID's.
  • The User-Agent. With the help of the User-Agent information about the used device, browser and operating system can be deduced.
  • The IP-Address of the user. Due to privacy issues the IP address is not delivered.
  • The Referer.
  • The detected or selected language.

No other information about the users is known. Neither Skitourenguru can or wants to gain more knowledge about the users.

In 2022 the dataset contained over 6 Mio. entries.

2. License restrictions

Ownership of RCSD

  1. Skitourenguru is the data owner of RCSD.
  2. RCSD relies partly on other data, that may have other data owners.

Usage Conditions

  1. Usage of RCSD is only allowed with the consent of Skitourenguru and in cooperation with Skitourenguru.
  2. RCSD may only be passed on with the explicit consent of Skitourenguru.
  3. The publication of knowledge derived from RCSD is only allowed in cooperation with Skitourenguru.

3. Proposals

Do you want to derive knowledge from the RCSD? Send a proposal to Skitouranguru (E-Mail under About). Take into account, that your proposal must contribute to the avalanche accident prevention of the backcountry skier comunity.